About Kamil

Kamil is a health and fitness professional who strives to provide an outstanding service to his clients. He has over 25 years of experience in various Sports, Fitness, Strength training and Nutrition.

Formerly a professional freestyle wrestler (active for 20 years) and Slovakian National champion Kamil has been a full-time Strength & Conditioning coach and personal trainer, working with City workers in London for over 13 years.

Kamil has travelled extensively and lived in 4 different countries: Slovakia, US, Australia and UK. He settled in the UK in 2005 and have been living in London since.

He is a founder and owner of CrossFit Aldgate gym in the City and a CrossFit coach. He is an author of Fit For Purpose, a book which is about opening and running a gym. Sharing his 5 years experience in the fitness business.

A few years ago Kamil became a personal transformation coach. He is passionate about helping other people and unlocking their potential. He is running a Youtube channel ‘Share2inspire’ where he shares his experiences in various areas of life via a freestyle conversation.

With his friend Rakesh, Kamil also started the Inside Edge Mastermind. Creating a strong supportive off-line/ in-person group for solopreneurs in London. He believes that having regularly like-minded people in one room is very powerful – it makes everyone to grow and progress.