My mission is to help people realise their true potential.

I work with people who are ambitious and eager to learn and grow. People who want to live with a clear purpose and achieve their most ambitious dreams in life.

“Don’t go after realistic goals, go after unrealistic ones. It’s very lonely at the top because everyone else is chasing the mediocre goals.”

Tim Ferriss

Health and Fitness area

“I trained with Kamil for over a decade, he guided me to think about training ‘beyond the gym’ and to consider nutrition and life goals alongside strength and conditioning. In the gym Kamil helped me to get lean for 100 mile+ bike rides, taught me the Olympic lifts – winning a regional age group comp, got me skipping, (I was pretty wary of the skipping rope!), and on to double-unders, gymnastic movements – hand-stands, rope climbs and muscle-ups, we burnt a tonne of calories on strongman work and had a lot of fun along the way.

Kamil has helped me to recover from multiple surgeries, including two broken elbows, radiotherapy and a chronic problem with a disc. As I’ve aged – note: it happens to us all – Kamil has encouraged me to think about flexibility as much as strength and I’m better for it.

Along the way we have had great times and I consider Kamil to be a good and loyal friend.

Thank you and I wish you the all the success in the world”
Greg Fleming
IT director