Online PT

1.- Application

Fill in our short application for us to learn more about you and your goals. This works very well as a first contact and to gather first pieces of info.

2. Phone call

Second step is an initial consultation via phone or video call. Here we expand on the application info and go more into details of your lifestyle, activities, nutrition, sleep and other aspects. We get a clarity on what path to take going forward.

3. Payment & Program Creation

If we agree to work together, payment will be taken for the 60-day program.We’ll then create a tailored training program based on the equipment you have, meal plan based on your goals, progress check-in sheet, assessment sheet, etc. You receive them all before our starting day which we will arrange too.

4. Set Up Call

This will be a very important video call where we set everything up! Depending on what route you want to take – you train one or two sessions a week with us via a video call or you follow the plans on your own. We will explain (1) the process, (2) your training plan, plus we demonstrate any movements from your specific sessions, and (3) your meal plan. We’ll make sure you will understand the program before you start. Plus you will ask any questions you immediately have.

5. Weekly Check-Ins

Our communication will be via email, phone and/or other online channels like Skype or Zoom. There will be regular weekly check-ins via email where you update us on your progress as well as setbacks in various areas. We then follow up with a 10 to 30 min phone call or recorded voice message to give you a feedback.We’ll also be tracking all relevant activities and metrics.

6. Your Result

This process with tailored plans, accountability, tracking, coaching and regular weekly check-ins will guarantee you a progress and initial results in this 60-day period. From our experience you can achieve a big leap in this 8 weeks and this new positive change will inspire you to carry on. This is a very important habit-creating “KICKSTARTER” after all!