What I Ponder About in October 2021.

Light worker – shine and pass your unique light / express yourself so others can benefit / be of service

Trust, Belief and Confidence

Faith. Believing in something greater than you – humility.

Non-judgement – Letting people be and letting them go with love

Love & Possibility vs. Fear

Focus on Opportunities rather than Threads

  • Breathing, EFT (emotional freedom technique), alpha brain frequency – brain slowing down, Tapping with fingers
  • – Choose 6 beliefs you want to implement.

Comparison danger:

Comparing and Consuming (negative feelings come out of this)  


Building, Creating and Reflecting (feelings of satisfaction)

Uniqueness, Being yourself and Authenticity – Being True to yourself and Speaking your Beliefs

Hero – Pride / Ego / Will / Immature / Doing by himself and for himself


Disciple – Confidence (trust in higher force) / Mature / Doing with someone else (having a support) and for someone else

Online Delrade Wellbeing Program

“Program to live life well”

Main areas:

  1. Mental & Emotional health / WB
  • you have a growth mindset and positive attitude to things
  • You have a good sense of balance
  • You are clear and comfortable with who you are and what you want in life
  • You are emotionally regulated, steady and calm most of the time
  • Values identification (freedom, courage, creativity, growth, etc.) 
  1. Physical health / WB
  • You have energy to get things done; and more… 
  • you physically thrive – you are strong and mobile
  • Wellness: practicing good lifestyle habits
  • habits of healthy eating, regular physical activity and quality sleep

3A.  Relationships / Social WB

  • You have Meaningful friendships, relationships quality and social connections 
  • People who care for you, love you and support you
  • People in your life who you can rely on
  • Who you have fun with, cracking jokes and share interesting experiences 
  • Community

3B.  Environmental WB

  • Your living conditions
  • you are happy where you live, work and enjoy your leisure activities; in regards to location and actual building, house or home.
  • The concept of 3 spaces
  1. Happiness at work – any purpose? / Career WB
  • you like what you do every day
  • Positive sense of personal growing and learning
  1. Financial situation / WB
  • you manage your money well
  • You have healthy investments, incomes, capital gains, dividends and regular cash flow coming in